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Train Them, Empower Them, Praise Them

The Women’s Empowerment Foundation instituted by Dr Duru Shah aims to bring about a positive change in the lives of young girls. These youth essentially form the future of the country and it is integral to nurture their dreams, build their confidence and raise their aspiration levels. In this endeavour, the Foundation has initiated trainings in self-defence, data entry and gift wrapping to help the participants in learning the art to defend themselves against sexual and emotional violence and take the first steps in earning for themselves. We Foundation takes great pride in helping young women in their journey towards personal independence.

The felicitation program: Over the past 4 months, the Foundation has been collaborating with local communities, NGOs and schools to make training programs easily accessible to the participants in order to overcome challenges like timing, location, fees, and availability of trainers and teachers. Till date, over 200 girls have benefitted from the training programs. The organization believes that it is not just enough to train these young girls but also give them an opportunity to showcase their skills in a public forum. The main objective of the program was to felicitate them on their inner strength which helped them complete the training program over a period of 3-4 months.

Felicitation program: To honour the participants for completing their respective trainings, the Foundation organized its first Felicitation Program on 12th January 2017, a day which is celebrated as the National Youth Day, commemorating Swami Vivekanand’s vision for the youth of the country. The chief Guest of the program was Ms. Ashlesha Sawant, a popular and well-known television actress. She along with the advisory board members handed the certificates to the participants and shared their views on how girls could empower themselves. There were self-defence displays from the participants as well as a small demo on gift wrapping. Parents, teachers, new students and other invitees were a part of this program and were happy with the displays.

Future aspirations: The Foundation hopes to organize similar programs for more participants who complete trainings in various courses and then continue their journey towards their empowerment and take control over their future choices and decisions, making a positive impact not just in their lives but also their families, friends and society at large.


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