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The Need:

India has the largest number of youngsters as compared to any other country in the world. Being a young nation, it is important to keep the future of our nation; self-aware, healthy and safe. In order to achieve this goal, there is an immediate need for safe spaces to enable conversations and two-way communication with adolescents.

Conservative approach on the subject of gender and sex is impacting teenagers who are growing up with the perils of misinformation, peer pressure and unrealistic expectations of sex and sexuality depicted in the media.  How do we shift the paradigm from viewing sex as an awkward subject to building a two-way communication that facilitates empowering children through openness? By giving children and their teachers and parents access to appropriate medical information in their own space!

About TooShyToAsk

Keeping in mind the need to provide the right amount of information, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd in association with Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation launched ‘TooShyToAsk’, a dedicated gender education and awareness application targeted towards teenagers and their parents. Since its inception, Women’s Empowerment (WE) Foundation has ensured to reach out to the unreached youth in the underprivileged sections of Society and enrich their lives with knowledge, health and self-sufficiency. Taking this mission forward, ‘TooShyToAsk’ was launched to serve as a platform for teenagers where they can openly discuss and anonymously ask questions on sexual health, nutrition and much more with a group of experts in an easy, safe and comfortable manner. TooShyToAsk is an award-winning application with over 75,000+ downloads so far.

Major features of the app

Information Center The application provides a plethora of information on various topics related to gender and sexual health for young adolescents and teenagers to read and gain information. Ask Questions to an Expert (Anonymously) The application enables teenagers & young adults to ask their questions anonymously without having the feeling of being judged or shy. The questions asked are answers by renowned experts. It is safe, easy & comfortable. Parent’s corner Parents corner aims at reaching out to parents of adolescents which they can customise age and gender wise to help address queries about their children’ health and well-being. Quiz & Games Interactive and Informative quiz and word game in the app helps teenagers to get complete information on a word they have played. Available in Regional Languages The content in the application is available in English and 4 major regional languages, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & Tamil for a better urban and rural penetration.

Our Panel of Experts 


Dr. Duru Shah Dr. Duru Shah is one of India’s leading Gynaecologists born, educated, and based in Mumbai, with a professional practice spanning 35 years. Dr. Duru Shah is a familiar face, name and voice in India on the burning issue of the state of women’s health in the country for over four decades.! She strongly believes that women’s health & women empowerment are closely linked and interconnected, and unless women are educated and empowered, they cannot take full control of their state of health. To pursue her commitment to empower women, she started “The Women’s Empowerment Foundation in 2016.
Dr. Safala Shroff Dr Safala Shroff is a counsellor and Hospital Administrator in her family Eye practice in Bandra and Marine Drive, Mumbai. She completed her post-graduation from KEM Hospital and thereafter plunged into a field of Counselling, writing and research. A passionate reader and a promising writer, she has penned several chapters in both nationally and internationally and also has a coffee table book to her credit. She has been the Editor of a National newspaper received by over 20,000 Gynaecologists all over India, called the ‘FOGSI TIMES’.


Dr. Prakash Gurnani Dr. Prakash Gurnani is a Medical Doctor with Public Health and Management background with over 35 years of experience. He has been working with UNICEF in social development in urban and rural settings – from one mega polis – Mumbai to 6 States – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. A significant contributor to the national and state level in policy and programme work in areas of social development, public health management and related fields of maternal and child health & nutrition, environmental sanitation, social development, human resource management, etc.

Metropolis Healthcare and WE Foundation secured a weekly editorial column in Mid-Day newspaper where queries of adolescents were addressed by our esteemed panel of experts. This activity was carried for over 26 weeks with weekly readership of 1.5 lakh readers.

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Dr. Duru Shah was invited by Radio Mirchi for the Too Shy To Ask initiative. You can watch the video here”