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Gender Equity

In a journey towards Gender equality

Women, of all ages, have been faced with violence within and outside the home. Even those who are economically stable, are sometimes not free from threats of violence. This forces them to be victims that hamper them from realizing their full potential and can endanger their physical, mental and emotional health.

Protection of the mind and body (The impact of self-defence training)

Self-defence training will enhance the confidence to repel and withstand any act of violence towards the self or mind and increase knowledge regarding the effects of violence on the individual, family and society at large. This will create the ripple effect of ending violence at different levels.

Process of creating Safety

Violence against women is partly a result of gender relations that assumes men to be superior to women. Given the subordinate status of women, much of gender violence is considered normal and enjoys social sanction. It is imperative to create an atmosphere where women of all age groups are encouraged to learn techniques that will provide them with the skills to protect themselves and help others if needed, when faced with different forms of sexual violence.

Creating the Environment of Gender Equality

A setting where young boys and girls come together and create peer groups that will allow them to interact and develop a positive understanding towards the opposite sex. This coming together will help them to become role models in their respective communities, and motivate and encourage other adolescents and young adults to join them in resisting and reducing the physical presence of violence in their lives and negate the influence and effects that violence can have in their lives.

The WE Foundation approach to Gender Equality and Equity:

“WE” proposes a platform where self-defence training will be provided for young girls and women to build their confidence to deal with different types of physical violence. Our approach includes:

  • Short and specialized course of self-defence training through 3 months
  • Special sessions on gender discrimination, sensitization and equity for adolescents and young adults in the community and educational institutions (school, colleges, etc)
  • Development of peer groups consisting of both genders to take forward the message and information on gender equity to the largercommunity

Outcomes that we work towards:

“WE” desires to create an environment that will help young people discover a newer way to showcase their understanding of ideas and get the opportunityto be part a better and gender-sensitive world.


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