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Tata Mumbai Marathon


Fund Raiser to educate girls on Reproductive & Sexual Health

Dear Friends,

In our endeavour to generate funds for our girls, WE Foundation participated in the Tata Marathon on January 20th, 2019 with the beating of drums and music all along our Dream Run. Four of the members of the Board, 15 or our girls from Dharavi, our Karate trainer Mr. Jameel our Social worker Ms. Meera, a Yoga trainer Ms. Nivedita, who is also a serious runner, joined us in our run cum walk ! It was truly a memorable experience for all of us, especially our girls who had participated for the first time! Wearing the WE Foundation Shirts, carrying the message of our App “Too Shy to Ask” on the back of their shirts, new running shoes and bandanas! They looked great and were ecstatic when they completed their run !

The Video below speaks volumes of their joy!


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We were delighted because we had the support of many of our supporters who have contributed to this cause. Our grateful thanks to them and we acknowledge them here for giving the girls an opportunity to a treat which they had never experienced before!

Enclosed are a few photos and videos, taken during the Marathon.


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