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Dr. Duru Shah

Dr. Duru Shah is one of India’s leading Gynaecologists born, educated, and based in Mumbai, with a professional practice spanning 35 years. Dr. Duru Shah is a familiar face, name and voice in India on the burning issue of the state of women’s health in the country for over three decades. When Dr. Duru Shah speaks on behalf of women, she speaks for the millions of women, especially underprivileged women across India, bringing to the fore, basic health issues that so many of them still battle with – which most of us take for granted! She strongly believes that women’s health & women empowerment are closely linked and interconnected, and unless women are educated and empowered, they cannot take full control of their state of health. To pursue her commitment to empower women, she has recently initiated her own Foundation called “The Women’s Empowerment Foundation”

Dr Duru Shah has many facets to her personality, her motto being “In whatever I do, I must give my best”.