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Skills for Financial Independence

Gender equality though economic empowerment

Youth in India today face issues of underemployment and unemployment. Even those who find work, find it from availability and not from choice. Denied choice, they are condemned to be victims of a fragile circumstance and open to exploitation.

The impact of vocational training

Vocational training will change the practice of searching for work that is available to work of choice. By learning marketable skills that are in demand, youth including young women can climb the value chain and earn a decent livelihood and take charge of their lives.

Harnessing the demographic dividend

It is estimated that by 2020, India will have a surplus of 56 million working people while the global shortage of skilled working people will be 47 million.A considerable amount of population is the underprivileged ones who can contribute heavily towards this cause.Once they undergo vocational training, they can qualify to work at various service areas like call centers, infrastructure sector, office administration, banking, tourism, hotel management, retail, agriculture, printing, beauty salons, culinary arts, computer science, electrical engineering, dining service programs, sewing and designing, plumbing, etc.

Creating an enabling eco-system for skilling youth

An ecosystem that will mainstream disadvantaged youth including girls into the economic mainstream through vocational training needs to work at multiple levels.

  • Counseling is required as is aptitude testing
  • Youth need exposure to emerging and existing employment opportunities across sectors and their requirements
  • There has to be an understanding of the social limitations and cultural nuances especially when it comes to girls and young women entering the work force through training.
  • Youth require continued mentoring to help them on board and become comfortable in their new paradigm

The WE Foundation approach to skill development and vocational training

“WE” propose a systematic, planned program that addresses sensitivities and work towards sustained and positive outcomes. Our approach include:

  • Aptitude testing and counseling by individuals and groups working in the field of vocational training and creating employability markets
  • Selection of the vocational skills training programs and associations created with individuals/ groups/ organizations offering them
  • Connecting them to employment opportunities through career melas, advertised vacancies, etc.

Outcomes that we work towards:

We desire to create an ecosystem that will help youoth including young women discover their innate possibilities, access programs that will educate and skill them, and get the opportunities to be part of the productive work-force as contributing young citizens.


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