We Foundation

The WE Center has been developed to provide a necessary physical space for learning and interaction for adolescents, where they can talk to other members, peer educators and other resource people on various issues that concern them, and access a variety of books and magazines on education, entertainment, information, sports and employment. The youth friendly Center will contain and be the hub of the following activities:

  • Repository of information on health and other relevant areas through magazines, books, pamphlets, audio-video material, flipcharts, etc. The Youth
  • Regular sessions by health specialists on reproductive and sexual health.
  • Formation and training of peer educator groups to become mediums of information
  • Counselling sessions for individuals and groups through part time counsellors
  • Provide information, training and guidance on different vocations and facilitate job opportunities
  • Provide legal aid / information as and when required on specific matters which are within the purview of the project
  • Organize and run self-defence classes
  • Initiate peer group training for interested volunteers for community development.

Presently, the Foundation has initiated the self-defense training and health sessions for 30 participants.