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WE cannot succeed if half of us are held back. - MalalaYousafzai.


It took a civil war and nearly 620,000 deaths in the battlefield before slavery was abolished and black emancipation became a reality. For societies all over the world, especially in the third world Women’s emancipation is the next big challenge.


The reality in India:

  • Even today an estimated 92 women on an average are raped everyday. That is nearly one rape every 15 minutes.
  • It is estimated that 670 women are sexually harassed every day. That approximates to 28 women sexually harassed every hour of the day!
  • Half of the children in a survey of nearly 12,447 children surveyed across 13 Indian states reported some form of sexual abuse.
  • 7 out of 10 women are sexually harassed and 90% of them do not report it.
  • Recorded crimes against women have increased a little more than 2 lacs in 2010 to more than 3.5 lac in 2014 an increase of 9.2%
  • A majority of the non-consensual sexual experiences including sexual harassment and abduction go unreported.
  • India is placed 129th among 146 countries in terms of gender inequality index (GII), far behind neighboring SriLanka at 74 and lagging behind most other countries in the region.

Adolescent women of today are the mothers of tomorrow. When they are educated, and empowered, both they and their children will have a better upbringing and life.

  • A young woman who is aware of health issues will remain healthy and bring up a healthy child.
  • A young woman who is aware of the need for economic skills will become less dependent and train their children in marketable skills
  • A young woman who is aware of her body and her rights to its sanctity will stop violent sex and forced pregnancies or abortions based on sex selection.
  • A young woman who is economically independent can better stand up to the dictates of patriarchy
  • A young woman who knows self-defense will be less likely to be a victim of forced sex or molestation.

For a nation that is growing, Women are the Great Hope for the future.

As a civilized society, we need to make this transition without conflict.

WE Foundation "WE" is creating a platform where young, adolescent women living in slums can learn about their bodies, know their reproductive system, understand systems of modern contraception and safe sex, learn skills that can earn them a livelihood and become economically independent. WE will further educate women in self-defense martial arts, enabling them to take care of themselves in instances of attack.

These are things that are not taught in schools, or even at homes. Yet these are the types of knowledge that will emancipate a woman, enable her to claim her rights over her body and reproductive system, and take care of her health and wealth in an empowered manner.

Is this a cause that is worth fighting for?

Each one of us can make a difference in the lives of women. But together, “WE” can make CHANGE!

If you want to do more than make a difference, join WE Foundation to make for a positive change that will empower adolescent women in need.
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